About Sarah PLatt

Sarah Platt believes that to become a great artist you should learn many different forms of art and experiment with techniques and style. Sarah Platt practices this on a daily basis although her greatest passion is painting Sarah Platt enjoys the challenge of learning and growing not just as an artist but as a person too.

Sarah Platt was born in Gastonia, NC. Sarah Platt's family moved from Boston to Northern Florida, to Southern Florida. Where Sarah PLatt has continued to live, except for the years Sarah was away at college in Savannah,Ga.

As a young child Sarah PLatt was full of energy and imagination, drawing and playing with colors and textiles. At the age of 8 Sarah PLatt began her studies in pottery and at the age of 12 Sarah Platt began her studies in Jewelry with local artist through The Museum of Art, in Fort Lauderdale.

When Sarah Platt was 15, her grandfather "George Platt" (a painter) taught her to look at a subject and to translate it to paper. He was her first painting teacher and she spent many days just watching him and studying his style. He encouraged her to continue in the art world. During this time she studied Video production at Hockaday School in Texas, where she was taught to edit, develop and write a scripts.

In 1993 Sarah Platt went to Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) where she majored in video/film.

In 2003 Sarah Platt went to the Penland School of Craft where she studied Glass Casting with the artist Stephen Paul Day and Sibylle Peretti.

In 2008-2011 Sarah Platt began working on Sarah Platt Art

Fort Lauderdale Florida, where she has been studying sculptor and Painting.

2012- 2021 " Platt Concierge"